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Pass on the Puff Puff for a Juice Juice Pass

Ya, we know

Apparently puff puff pass, is so last year. In the era of all things new-age healthy, cannabis juice is going to be the new big thing. Marijuana leaves can be juiced similarly to kale leaves, and there’s a whopping amount of benefits taking this juicing method.

1. Feel the chill, not the rush

Juicing cannabis doesn’t give the drinker the psychoactive high smoking cannabis it does. This is because the psychoactive component in marijuana known as THC doesn’t become activated until it is heated, remaining in it’s original state of THCA.

This is fantastic news for people who wish to enjoy the health benefits of cannabis but don’t necessarily enjoy the high state each time they want the health boost.

2. Ingest even MORE health benefits by juicing

We already know that cannabis has been proven to hold anti-cancer properties, decrease inflammation, and aid in pain relief; but drinking cannabis leaves actually also helps the digestive system better absorb these compounds.

Since juicing the leaves doesn’t activate THC, it is safe for the human body to intake large doses of it. According to the Cannabis International Foundation, hundreds of milligrams of THCA can be ingested compared to a recommended maximum of 10 milligrams of active THC.

3. Dress it up, or dress it down

One fantastic fact about cannabis leaf juice is that it mixes beautifully with other veggies and fruits! It’s possible to drink it alone, add it to a favorite green juice, or even try out a new mix every day.

4. Easy and healthy to share

Getting together with friends to make a first cannabis juice definitely sounds like a memorable experience. This is beside the fact that juicing skips those less than desirable side-effects of smoking.

5. One word: Cannabinoids, cannabinoids, cannabinoids

Cannabinoids are what make marijuana that super plant! Juicing it returns tons of them, not to mention a high amount of CBDA, the acid form of CBD, the most acclaimed component for health benefits.

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