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The Blunt VS. The Ice-Bong VS. Vaporizers

The Best Way To The Clouds

The Best Way To The Clouds

When looking for a serious, cell-phone off, meditating high, what is the fastest and most efficient way of getting there?

Firstly, let’s consider the classic blunt.

Well rolling, some hate it, some love it, but once rolled, is a sure path to the clouds. The great part about blunts is that no intricate materials is needed, just some good old fashioned rolling paper. Needing to smoke all of it though is quite the challenge, and commitment. Not to mention it can be quite harsh on the lungs, needing to champ through at least 10 minutes, and that’s with sharing.

Secondly, the often overlooked ice-bong.

The ice-bong is when a regular bong is taken and ice is added to the long pipe to aid in cooling the smoke. Now packing a bong correctly does not require a lot of time, but it does require grinding and packing. The weed needs to be small enough to get an efficient amount of surface area heated but not too small as to fall into the little hole at the bottom of the bowl. The bong itself can’t be overly large as well as trying to light it alone can be quite the acrobatic maneuver. Once packed properly, however, one big hit, can, and most likely will, induce a state of flotation for a split second and then there, lift off is skipped, only a straight transportation to the moon.

Finally, a look at large vaporizers.

The preparation is perhaps the easiest for vaporizers, needing little time to set them up and they are basically fool-proof. Generally vaporizers can be handled solo, but with brands like Volcano, a buddy wouldn’t be a bad idea to help push all that smoke. Vaporizers are definitely the safest way to inhale marijuana, and the easiest on the lungs, however, depending on the size of the vaporizers, time might also be a factor to reach desired level of highness, as since it is vapor it takes longer to kick in and sometimes requires numerous tokes. On the plus side, once it does get you there, you definitely float for hours.

In conclusion, the ice-bong is by far the most time efficient, the vaporizer is the healthiest, and the blunt is the most convenient. It all depends on how you want to get to clouds.

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