Celebrities Who Smoke Marijuana

Beautiful and Successful People Who Smoke Weed

Not Your Stereotypical Marijuana Smoker

1. Natalie Portman

She has very humorously said that she had been a regular marijuana smoker during her college days at Harvard University where she obtained her B.A. in Psychology.

She Smokes Marijuan

2. Anna Faris

After winning a bong from High Times Magazine Stonette of the Year award in 2007, Anna reports that she uses her bong regularly.

She Smokes Weed

3. Charlize Theron

This beauty has been spotted enjoying marijuana several times and it seems that her favourite method of smoking is both organic healthy and a munchie in itself: an apple pipe.

She Smokes Weed

4. Danneel Harris

Another beauty also winning the High Times Magazine Stonette of the Year award in 2008 for openly stating that she smokes pot.


5. Kristen Stewart

This starlet is not shy about people seeing her smoking a bowl or seeing her wearing marijuana bikini tops.


6. Cameron Diaz

This timeless girl-next-door beauty has been very open about her lifelong use of marijuana.

She Smokes Weed

7. Drew Barrymore

This funny and gorgeous actress has been spotted with her friend Cameron Diaz sharing joints.


8. Jennifer Aniston

As one of hollywood’s most successful actresses she has openly said that she smokes marijuana, in moderation.


9. Brad Pitt

Famous for his onset cannabis smoking, Brad has also fashionably worn t-shirts indicating love for the herb.


12. Kirsten Dunst

This bombshell has been quoted saying that the world would be a better place if “everyone smoked weed”.

She Smokes Weed

11. George Clooney

Perhaps one of the most well-known actor, George is reportedly a regular customer at a marijuana Cafe in Amsterdam.

He Smokes Weed

12. Justin Timberlake

When asked in 2011 if he smokes weed, Justin replied, “Absolutely”.


13. Matt Damon

This tremendously talented actor has claimed that his first introduction to weed was with his mother and stepfather.


14. Morgan Freeman

With undoubtably one of the most recognizable voices in hollywood, Morgan has claimed that he will never let the green go and has even been quoted saying marijuana is “God’s own weed”.


15. Robert Downey Jr.

Mr. Iron Man himself has openly said that he first started smoking marijuana at age 8.


16. Miley Cyrus

Miley has a love for ganja so strong that apparently her friends made her with a Bob Marley cake.

She Smokes Weed

17. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph says that he has cut down from his high school days but still enjoys marijuana from time to time.

He Smokes Weed

18. Stephen Colbert

This hilarious man claims that his high school pot smoking days influenced his comedy.


19. Rihanna

Commonly known as RiRi, Rihanna is very open about her love for the green.


20. Sarah Silverman

One of tv’s funniest women, Sarah is very open about her love and use of cannabis, even showing up at the Emmys red carpet with a marijuana-filled e-cigarette.


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