Leaf, How To Let Technology Grow Your Marijuana For you

Innovative personal cannabis growing system for the everyman.

Leaf “Plug N’ Plant” system

Growing personal marijuana will be taken to new heights of convenience and ease with the innovative Leaf “Plug N’ Plant” system, designed for everyman.

What Leaf is:

With the growing interest in marijuana and the evolving regulatory laws in the U.S. innovating frontrunners at Leaf, participants of TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2015 Battlefield, have revolutionized what will be the face of growing marijuana at home, or even at the office. The system is a 4’ x 2’ container that can house two plants, meaning it will yield between 4-5 ounces of weed per flowering. Leaf is the world’s first Plug N’ Plant growing system specifically engineered for marijuana use, and is incredibly user friendly.

How Leaf works:

The box has been created with monitoring, sensing and adjusting capabilities to ensure the most optimal environment for growing cannabis. Everything from nutrient dosing, pH levels, temperature, water, lighting and even humidity are all controlled. And of course, the system would be incomplete if it didn’t have a way for the grower to interact with the plant during the growing stages, that is why Leaf has an app which displays all of the plants data as well as a live stream HD footage of the plant itself. Since the system is self regulating even growers with zero previous knowledge of cannabis can grow incredibly potent and dense buds.


The first generation Leaf will be ready for shipment in summer of 2016, yet at a price, the Leaf will retail for about $1,499 and its nutritional capsules for each grow will cost about $150. It is quite a hefty price, however, the general going price for 4-5 ounces is $1,200, therefore it will pay for itself rather quickly.
Leaf is already taking in pre-orders of the device, on their website, http://www.getleaf.co/.

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