Creme of the Crop Stoner Movies

What to watch when you get high

One of the most agonizing decisions you need to make after hitting a bowl is which movie to spend the next couple hours watching. That is why we present you with the absolute best list of mind-bending, knee-slapping laughter, and straight-up “woah dude” movies.

16. Waking Life

Lucid dreaming brought to life.

15. Spirited Away

A creative masterpiece. This is the story of a girl whisked away to a place of spirits.

14. Fight Club

Just the average guy suddenly meeting the most extraordinary series of events.

13. How High

Go to class high, study high, take the exam high, sounds like a bulletproof plan no?

12. Super Troopers

A group of hilarious state troopers try their hands in solving “big crime” before the local police.

11. The Matrix

What if everything you knew about reality was a lie?

10. Grandma’s Boy

What do you do when you get evicted from your apartment and forced to move in with your grandma and her 2 elderly roommates? Fill that bowl – of course !

9. The Big Lebowski

Set “on a mission from God”, need we say more?

8. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Creating the most realistic LSD trip in movie history, this a movie of epic adventures.

7. Pineapple Express

A hilarious tale about what can happen when you become too close to your weed dealer!

6. The Harold & Kumar Trilogy

These awesome duo are the 21st century version of Cheech and Chong. They set on incredibly funny adventures smoking up with the most unexpected characters along the way.

5. Friday

Just your typical high friday with Ice Cube and Chris Tucker trying to figure out how to pay back their drug dealer after smoking all of his weed, you know, the usual.

4. Reefer Madness

Yes this movie is seriously old, almost 100 years old in fact, it was originally made as a propaganda movie to scare people away from smoking marijuana but the absolutely hilarious portrayals have instead turned this movie into an instant classic.

3. Half Baked

What do could possibly happen when two stoner buddies try to devise a plan for busting a friend out of jail?

2. Samsara

This silent movie is truly a visual and mental trip through some of the most epic images of the world tied together perfectly at the end creating a movie that once finished, will simply leave you in awe.

1. Cheech & Chong movies

From the all-time greatest Up in Smoke to Still Smokin’, Cheech and Chong set an incredibly high-bar for what qualifies as the best stoner movies.

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