Hemp Building Material

Hemp = Hempcrete : the Superior Building Material of the Future

One of the most amazing building materials in existence

Hemp reaches maturity in 14 weeks,requires no fertilizer, pesticide or fungicide to grow it. Hemp is considered a major “superfood”. The seed is highly nutritious, packed with Omega-3 oil, amino acids, fiber and protein. Outer fibers can be used for clothes, paper, medicinal uses and numerous every day items.

As the worlds population steadily grows, we are reaching a breaking point where we have out grown the old infrastructure and there is a great need for sustainable , affordable , long-term solutions. This is a time unlike any other in human history, across the world we are all connected and that brings amazing exchange of ideas across cultures, blending of old school ways with new school technologies.

Hempcrete is one of the most amazing building materials in existence, its gaining momentum in mainstream attention.

Hempcrete is building material, made from the shiv or inside stem of the hemp plant and is then mixed with a lime base binder. Hempcrete is extremely versatile; it can be used for wall insulation, flooring, walls, roofing and more. It’s fireproof, water-proof, and rot-proof as long as it’s above ground. This mixture creates a negative carbon footprint for those who are concerned with the carbon side of things. Hempcrete is much more versatile, easy to work with and very flexible compared to concrete. Astoundingly, earthquakes cannot crack Hempcrete structures because it is 3 times more resistant than concrete.

The lime in the binding material does not require as much heat as traditional concrete does, resulting in major energy conservation. Hempcrete is high in cellulose; this absorbs in itself large amounts of carbon. A home built out of Hempcrete can absorb and trap 20000lbs of carbon from the atmosphere.

Hempcrete is the best building material possible, because it is very strong, breathable and lightweight. Instead of traditional walls filled with insulation, Hempcrete takes humidity from outside and holds it until it is ready to be released when the climates humidity drops. Even though the lime takes a little longer to petrify, it’s extremely strong. The longer the lime sits, the material gets harder and harder then petrifies. A Hempcrete wall will last thousands of years versus (at best) 100 years with current building materials. If too much Hempcrete is mixed for building, it can be used as awesome fertilizer.

As consciousness continues to grow across the world, governments and businesses will have no choice except to listen to the masses and legalize hemp once again. Hemp is truly a miraculous, life-giving plant that can teach humanity to live in alignment with the natural world while providing for our basic needs and beyond!

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