Tantric Cannabis Connection

Marijuana and Sex

The Tantra-Cannibas Connection

The Tantra-Cannibas Connection

Thousands of years ago, in ancient India, the earliest practitioners of tantric sex most certainly held a higher view of cannabis and copulation than we do now. In fact, after consuming psychoactive doses of THC by drinking down a sacred beverage called bhang—made by blending marijuana, milk, nuts, and spices—those pioneering sensualists sought to achieve total enlightenment by tapping into the body’s deepest sexual energy. A gift from the gods, according to Indian mythology, the magical Cannabis “lowered fevers, fostered sleep, relieved dysentery, and cured sundry other ills; it also stimulated appetite, prolonged life, quickened the mind, and improved judgment.”

According to a 1998 Cannabis Culture article, their bhang-fueled tantric rituals were “intense, complex and difficult”:

Tantra cannabis rituals date back at least to 700 AD, and involved groups of “purified” male and female worshippers who engaged in fasting, chanting, prayer, ceremonial purifications, Kundalini yoga, and sexual union, subjecting body and spirit to excruciating and ecstatic ordeals. Concentration, consecration and transformation were the goals of such rituals, which were conducted in temples festooned with thousands of flowers, clouds of incense smoke, and flickering temple lamps… The Indian Ayurvedic and Unani Tibbi medicine systems used cannabis to increase libido, conquer impotence, cure various diseases… produce long-lasting erections, delay ejaculation, facilitate lubrication and loosen inhibitions.

“Tantra “ originates from the same part of the world (Nepal, India, Asia ) where Marijuana has also been grown and used for many centuries.

For centuries, Marijuana and sex have been used to attain spiritual goals in those cultures, not only for fun.

Tantra is a sexual “Yoga”, created by traditions which stem from Buddhist, Hindu and allied religions.


The difference between Tantra and regular sex is that it unites yoga, deliberate control of breathing, orgasms, ejaculation, speech, meditation, and loving intention which allows achieving deeper sexual pleasure that many only dream of. It creates a more loving, bonding, healing, caring and solid friendship with your sexual partner.

Tantra revolves around giving a woman the most delicious, endless, mind-blowing, life changing orgasms.

Men benefit from Tantra because you can make a woman feel amazing while gaining more, more of her trust and love.

You can learn to withhold sperm , so you can increase your pleasure , stamina and excitement. You can cum without ejaculating, and you can learn how to make a woman ejaculate.

Using Tantra and Marijuana massage oil , your woman will be begging for more because it feels so amazing . She will be addicted and completely loyal forever because you’re the best lover she’s ever had!

Tantric practitioners say you’ll get so high during tantric sex that you and your lover “find God”.


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