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How to get Marijuana in Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver, B.C., Canada is often times called “Vansterdam

Vancouver, B.C., Canada is often times called “Vansterdam”, referring to the immense cannabis culture similar to that of Amsterdam, Holland. Despite having a huge marijuana culture, it is still not legal for recreational use, therefore, it is reasonable to ask, how easily can someone get marijuana in Vancouver?
Vancouver, B.C., Canada is often times called “Vansterdam”

Incredibly easy!

A director of Sustainable B.C., a leading organization for legalization once said, “you can throw a rock and find a marijuana user. It’s very easy to do.” When the demand is this high, it is safe to assume that the supply must be high as well, no pun intended.

From the streets, any drug peddler would have marijuana and unfortunately would most likely not have moral backing on what they provide to whom nor in what quantity. Another simpler and generally safer option is, that since marijuana smokers are quite a friendly demographic they would be more than happy to share with anyone who would ask. All someone would then require, is a good nose, so for those travelling or living in Vancouver, 8 out of 10 times, it is probably not a real skunk that’s infused the aroma. However, the mentioned methods are still illegal, and thus not recommended.

If an individual is lucky enough to be in Vancouver on April, 20th (4/20), it is the one day that authorities allow pretty much any and all marijuana sales, right in front of the city’s art gallery, the authorities even shut down car access to the area to make sure everyone is able to make transactions without feeling rushed. No joke.

From the legal medical marijuana dispensaries, it is also quite simple. Most dispensaries have onsite doctors, some even set up online skype sessions with naturopaths. Some clinics accept specific prescription medication which clarify in one way or another that the seeker has a chronic condition. A benefit of signing up at a dispensary is that membership cards are generally accepted at all other dispensaries as well. If such documents are not handy or someone is only in town for a short time, one of Vancouver’s largest chains is willing to sell a total of one gram to any responsible looking adult.

Find Dispensaries in Vancouver B.C., Click Here.

Where to smoke-up after acquisition.

Outside: Vancouver has fantastic nature, from their parks to mountains to beaches, there are endless options for smoking outside.

Inside: There is a cafe called Amsterdam Cafe, funny enough, in downtown Vancouver which has both vapour lounges and general cafe areas where smoking is allowed.weed

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