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How to get Marijuana in Denver, Colorado

Are you kidding?!? It rarely gets as easy as it gets in Denver!

Are you kidding?!? It rarely gets as easy as it gets in Denver!

It’s almost shocking that anyone would be asking this questions, given Colorado’s new regulation changes to allow recreational sales. But being a savvy cannabis user is never a bad thing.

Being 21 and over, consulting the weedmaps of Denver is great for location hunting. That’s because many marijuana shops aren’t advertised as openly as one might have thought. Not being advertised on official city or council sites doesn’t mean that there are only a select few places to get marijuana, on the contrary, there are actually over a hundred stores selling recreational marijuana statewide. Any adult 21 and over, can have up to one ounce of weed anywhere in Colorado, regardless of specific city or county bans on recreational stores. This means that there are still many stores in the state that only cater towards strictly medical customers, so doing research is recommended.

Since obtaining marijuana is not a matter of difficulty level, one can ask, what needs to be considered? Well, given the enormous variety of shops, it’s not a bad idea to do some research and find out what kind of shop one is looking for:


For medical purposes:

The Hemp Center in Littleton, is a fantastic choice for those with medical cards. A detailed review of them can be found on http://dopedirectory.com/marijuana-dispensary-review/the-hemp-center-review-littleton/.

For expertise recreational purposes:

Pure, in Denver. They carry eighths which can go for $25 a bag, and are always worth it. This shop is to other dispensaries what the Apple store to is to other electronic stores, think “Weed Genius”. Everything is groomed, and as it goes, pure. Check out their website: http://puremmj.com/

For what the celebrities smoke:

Native Roots Apothecary, in Denver. Their strain Snoop, is named after Snoop Dogg since they on occasion grow a strand specifically for him. They don’t even discriminate, medical or non, so they have you covered. Check out their website: https://nativeroots303.com/

For more upscale experiences:

Patients Choice, in Denver. Super clean, with well-cured buds and super dense flowers. A little bit on the expensive side for non-members but they boast truly great quality. Check out their website: http://patientschoiceofcolorado.com/switch.html


Where to smoke up after acquisition:

Outside: Colorado is a stunning state with tons of beautiful nature, there are even city and state tours that cater to cannabis smokers. There’s Colorado Cannabis Concierge, My 420 Tours, 2 Girls Tours, High Urban Hikes, and the list seriously keeps going on and on.

Inside: There are tons of cafes throughout the state. Check out Club History Vape Club, or The Lazy Lion, or even Speak Easy Vape Lounge.





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